Friday, May 24, 2013

Home DIY renovations are very similar to archaeology, well at least the way we renovate. Peeling off layers of carpet or wallpaper or linoleum is a lot like schnitting layers of ancient living floors. I can often seriate and relatively date (and heck, absolutely date in some cases) redecorating episodes of the house based on found remnants of carpet, wallpaper, paint, and the like.

I know that our living room was originally carpeted in brown shag carpet, ca. 1970s. This was very likely the original carpet put in the home when it was first built ca. 1975-1980. I found just a few stray carpet tufts around the A/C vents. It was of the dark brown tortoise-shell variety.  Our foyer, currently displaying dark brown parquet floors (see below for interesting side notes on parquet), originally had a tan/brown marbled vinyl covering. Just a small strip remains in the transition area from the foyer to the living room.

The walls had wallpaper on the area above the chair rail, and nothing but paint below (same as the foyer, kitchen, and original dining room). That is a very 80's approach.

I think the last major paint/carpet took place ca. 1997. I found the factory tag on the back of the carpet when we pulled it up. It was still in good shape, as in not disintegrating, but it was stained from years of living with dogs and a toddler. The walls were painted that mushroom brown color when we moved in -- back in October 2005. I am pretty sure that was done my someone who rented the house probably in 2000 or so. It is definitely time for a make-over!

Finally downloaded photos from my camera. Looking at the before pics of the living! What a difference a bit of paint can make! 

BEFORE: Brown walls, cream carpet (looking brown).... Disclaimer: Arrangement of furniture is not typical...We had already started moving things around to begin the renovation process.

Parquet Notes of Interest: Parquet flooring originated (though called something french) in Versailles in the mid-1860s. It was used to replace marble flooring that was a pain to keep clean. Several NBA teams have parquet floors in their home arenas, the most famous of which are the Boston Celtics. A more in-depth overview of parquet can be found here at Apartment Therapy.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer to-do list

Now that summer is here and I mostly have a break from my day job, I have a long wish list of house and craft projects to tackle (thanks to a 4 yr hiatus in the form of a sweet baby boy). The list grows longer every time I hangout on Pinterest.  My plan this summer is to tackle as many of these projects as possible and blog about them, all while wrangling a 4 yr old, and finishing one book and starting another (writing them, that is). I like to plan big!  Here is my summer to-do list (I reserve the right to add to it!):

Living Room walls + trim
Hallway walls + trim
Master Bedroom/Bath walls + trim
G's bedroom wall + closet doors
Guest bedroom walls + trim (this is a maybe)
Exterior Trim
Garage Doors

Living room

Shower curtain for G's bathroom
Twin-size duvet cover for G's room
Roman shade/curtain for master bath
Roman shade for Living room
Curtain for door in Living room
Roman shades for guest bedroom
iPad case
baby blanket/quilt
maxi skirt for me!
t-shirt quilt

In full disclosure -- I have already done a few of the things on this list, but this is my original list I created a few weeks ago. I have before pics of the LR/Hallway, and will have after pics once the furniture goes back in place -- though I think we might tackle the flooring first. More to come!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

It is that time of year again -- Christmas Card Design time! I love choosing Christmas cards from Shutterfly to send out to family and friends. I waited longer than usual this time to make our cards, but I am so happy with the final result. Thanks to Amy Jacobs Photography for the wonderful photos to choose from! Here is our final result! I like them a lot!

Here is a sneak peak at our 2012 card!

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Family Photos, Christmas Cards, and Sales

I am trying to be on top of things this year (as far as Christmas cards and gifts) and take advantage of the early bird discounts. Today I ordered a number of gifts and our cards from Shutterfly: card2011. It has taken me several days to make a final decision on a design. It came down to which design our picture would fit on, and that wouldn't cost a small fortune! We had professional family photos taken in October -- by Amy Jacobs Photography (she is AMAZING, friendly, responsive, helpful, funny, and has great taste in music!) on location in Bell Buckle and the Webb School. We had a really nice time and the results are great pictures. I had to finagle some of the pictures since Shutterfly cards don't really work well with professional size (i.e., HUGE) images. In the end I am happy with our final product (plus I can't wait for all the other stuff I ordered!).

They are having a card sale (40% off -- use CARD40), 25% on photo books (automatically discounted), and free shipping on orders over $30 (SHIP30). These sales are only good for the next few days to the end of the month (depending), so move it!

Anyway, let's hope I can get these packaged, addressed, stamped, and mailed by December 15th! That might be a new record for me!

Here is a sneak peek!

Photo Card
View the entire collection of cards.